We are a natural language understanding company, operating since 2010. Our founders and employees are experts in various aspects of computational linguistics, computational semantics and general linguistics.

We have developed SITA – a unique natural language understanding engine, designed to cope with a growing market need in text and voice user interfaces. SITA can be easily connected to chatbots and voice user interfaces.

SITA simulates human contextual and linguistic intuitions. It reconstructs incoherent text and voice commands into application specific coherent commands.


Noam Ziv, CEO, Co-Founder

Expert in computational linguistics and knowledge engineering. Served as director of corporate development at Check Point Ltd, CEO of First Access Ltd. and Transformer Ltd.

M.A. in Linguistics and Philosophy of Language, York University, Toronto.



Dr. Yuval Krymolowski, CTO, Co-Founder

Expert in computational linguistics and semantics.

PhD in computer science from Bar Ilan University.
Post doc in the Language Technology Group in Edinburgh University.


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