Semantic Interfaces (SI) Challenges

  • One command – many linguistic variations.
  • One command – many parameters.
  • Voice interface enables the user to utter many illegal, partial, impossible and unexpected commands.
  • Examples:
    • “Please schedule a meeting with John in his office next Wednesday at noon time”
    • “Record the 4th quarter of all the NBA playoff games of the west coast conference”
    • “I changed my mind, want to go to Jerusalem instead, is it possible to get there in 30 minutes?”

SI NLU Platform Offering:

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) API
  • Run-time NLU engine
  • Knowledge Base & Ontology Builder/Tester for the subject matter expert (SME Wizard)


  • Implemented as a web service
  • The output format is tailored to the application requirements
  • Bi-directional – provides actionable feedback

SI Run-Time NLU engine

Analyzes the user input utterances

  • Uses a knowledge base defined by a SME
  • Outputs a semantic analysis of the input
  • Creates a meaningful feedback for the user, if needed.

Knowledge Base & Ontology Builder

  • Lets the user define:
    • The application’s concepts and terminology world.
    • The structure of natural language end-user commands.
  • Designed for use by a subject matter expert
    • Testing
  •  The knowledge base is stored in an industry-standard OWL file
    • Interface to external databases


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